February 2022 Stories

(Continued) During the meeting it was very humbling for Shadrack to admit that he could not meet his payment plan for AVODA.  He sadly said he had to withdraw.
Jun Shiomitsu, AVODA president, received this note from Joshua:
“Although Shadrack related that he had to withdraw from the program, a great excitement swelled in my heart.  I knew that we had excess funds in the student grants budget, and I could offer him a scholarship. Jun, I’ve never seen a grown man cry. His thankfulness spilled into tears of joy, and we both praised the Lord for His provision through ICIE donors. I am blessed to have been part of this joyous time.”

(Continued) First, the AVODA program by offering the highest quality of education and training, is very attractive to those who truly want to start their own business. Second, it is common for unbelievers in Africa where 80% claim to be Christians to go along with the prevalent Christian lingo in advertising and everyday conversations. However, few are ever confronted with their beliefs, nor asked to pray to the God of the universe.

It is obvious that AVODA’s education program is not only raising up young business leaders, but also provides an opportunity for evangelism in the classroom and through the business mentoring aspect. AVODA’s verse and motto is “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”