The AVODA Journey Status Report–Summer 2022

By Joshua Agonya
AVODA Content & Marketing Director

It’s now two weeks until the mid-term break. The entrepreneurs are visibly exhausted. We expected this by this time. 

At this point the entrepreneurs are setting up their business teams and preparing their business plans for the second half of their AVODA Journey which we simply call: “Sales, Sales, Sales”. The goal is “investor readiness” through proof-of-concept. And there’s no better proof of concept than market viability of the business, product, or service. 

After mid-term break, the program will change to a customized bi-weekly, objectives-driven mentorship/coaching format for business teams. Our focus will be on teams rather than individuals. There will still be a few in-class sessions that will be determined by the needs of the entrepreneurs. There are currently 5 business teams: 

  1. Incorp – Fruits & Vegetables Exports led by Samuel Nkaka.
  2. Nissi Naturals – Natural Hair & Beauty Products led by Maria Mangeni
  3. We Care Bear – Children’s Shuttle Service App led by Persis Atakunda Maina
  4. Embelish Consults – Marketing Consultancy led by Denis Ouma.
  5. Mahkia Entreprises – Eco Friendly Packaging led by Anita Ajhiambo Moses. 

What does “Investor Readiness” mentorship look like?

Each business team is given a full day or half a day during the week to meet the AVODA Mentors and Coaches on campus. These meetings are to set goals for the week and determine what kind of help the team needs. We then meet semi-weekly with the entire business team to hear narratives of growth, where they are now, and how they can help one another.

Brian Lee, a longtime friend and prayer partner to AVODA, is now in Uganda visiting the AVODA Family for two weeks or more. He is launching this investor readiness aspect by looking into the business plans and team formation. Jane Brice a member of the Downtown Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC will also facilitate a class on conflict resolution on July 5. 

To continue empowering the entrepreneurs towards investor readiness, AVODA needs more coaches who will take an objective look at their businesses and teams. You may sign up to mentor a business team here.

The AVODA team welcomes on-campus or online mentors.