The Solution

ICIE Fund initially focuses on the work already begun in Africa to launch and empower local businesses that improve lives and transform communities by opening avenues for true independence.ICIE Fund’s mission is to help alleviate poverty and bolster economic growth in by raising business leaders and launching businesses that will fill this “missing middle” between Africa’s giant multinational conglomerates and its sprawling micro-business sector.  A number of developing countries are spread north and south of the equator from Africa to Indonesia.  ICIE Fund seeks to support training and equipping of business leaders in many of these regions. In developed countries 50 – 60% of businesses are small, owner-run companies employing 50 – 100 workers. ICIEF’s goal is to help groups in developing countries alleviate poverty and bolster economic growth by raising business leaders and launching businesses that will fill this “missing middle”.

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Support African Christian business organizations and beyond one at a time. Those who train and guide new businesses need your support.

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